About Theresa Kwofi

“I love myself, I believe in myself, I worship myself and I feel good.”
“Whatever inspires me to write, resides very deep in me and I’m very grateful for that.”

Theresa Kwofi was born and reared in Ghana, West Africa, on the beautiful continent of Africa, which most often times, people underestimate her greatness, manipulate her for their financial gains and ironically, they mock her, as a poverty-stricken continent which is not true.

She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College, CUNY. She is the author of: Mother Africa: Thou Art A Continent A Collection Of Essays and Time In Conflict: My Poetry Collections With An African Flavor. As a Poet, Essayist and Writer, she writes inspirational poetry and essays with an African flavor.

In Ghana, she attended Kwadaso Agricultural College after her secondary school education at Sekondi College and holds a Diploma in Agricultural and Food Sciences.

She enjoys life to the fullest, for she believes, that, life is a journey here on earth and she is just passing through. She tells people that she is a ‘walking poetry’ based on her quick and witty responses to situations, which most people would just frown on and walk away from.

She is a mother of three grown-up children and a grandmother. She believes in the “yes, I can do it spirit.” Her philosophy is, ‘Live your dreams and just don’t dream dreams of dreams’.