The Mormon Church Is Alive In Ghana

October 11, 2012 No Comments by Theresa Kwofi

As if Ghana has not got her fair share of these institutionalized religions of Christianity and Islam, which are both foreign to Ghana in particular and Africa in general. Here comes the Mormon Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is symbolized by a white man and a black man, riding cycles, side by side to spread the Mormon gospel. In disbelief, I would exclaim, Wow!   How is this possible? My family members are aware of my displeasure with these cycle peddling missionaries. I have waited to debate some of these peddlers of mormonism in Ghana, but I have not been successful as yet. When I do become lucky to get them stumble on to my territory, which is my father’s compound, I would write about it. I hope and pray that on my next visit to Ghana, I would be able to bait some of them to fall prey. They always pass me by for they probably sense my curiosity.

The church has put up its temples on some prime real estate at the Cape Coast municipality. I know how much the Ghanaian adores the foreigner. Especially, when the foreigner happens to be a white person, who comes bearing the gifts of the gospel; by mentioning the name of Jesus Christ. This is the name the Mormon Church addresses itself on the sign board at its temples–The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

The Mormons are in Ghana. Yes, they have a couple of temples not too far away from where I live. Here in Brooklyn, we have Ghanaian Mormons. This is very sad and troubling. We the self-haters, we love everything foreign.

Food For Thought: I am a free-thinker and I don’t pay allegiance to any institutionalized religion here on Mother Earth.

(c)2012 By Theresa Kwofi

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