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Mother Africa: Thou Art A Continent–Scenic South Africa

January 22, 2014 No Comments by Theresa Kwofi

It is good to live and to live out my fantastic books–Mother Africa: Thou Art A Continent A Collection Of Essays and Time In Conflict: My Poetry Collections With An African Flavor. When my children were very young, I used to tell them about my love for the southern tip of Africa, namely, South Africa, the only [...]

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The Mormon Church Is Alive In Ghana

October 11, 2012 No Comments by Theresa Kwofi

As if Ghana has not got her fair share of these institutionalized religions of Christianity and Islam, which are both foreign to Ghana in particular and Africa in general. Here comes the Mormon Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which is symbolized by a white man and a black man, riding cycles, side by side to [...]

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Michelle Obama

September 5, 2012 25 Comments by Theresa Kwofi

Michelle Obama has a natural ablility to connect with people from all walks of life. She is beautiful and I refer to her as a portrait, that which nobody gets tired from looking at. Her performance last night at the Democratic National Convention was spectacular. She knows how to tell a story with vivid imagery. She is [...]

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I Love To Give Birth To Myself Every Now And Then

April 12, 2012 6 Comments by Theresa Kwofi

I have finally arrived at the community of bloggers.  The train called technology is moving much faster than I can hop on to it. Just like the tortoise, which couldn’t climb a tree and yet, was able to get itself on top of the heavenly tree, where it needed to attend the funeral of Nana Nyankopon’s (The [...]

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